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GOT false eyelashes including ardell lashes,  andrea lashes, falsies, and more.  MADAME MADELINE is your online shoppe for discount Ardell false eyelashes, fashion lashes, duralash eyelashes, and hundreds more.
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Enjoy the Madame Madeline advantage.  Buy false eyelashes and Ardell Lashes with exceptional discount prices and savings! Lowest Price Guraranteed! Bizrate (Shopzilla) multi-year winner. BIZRATE® CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE 2010 Bizrate 2009 and 2010 award - Shop false eyelashes with confidence

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Fashion Lashes
Natural Eyelashes
Double Up Lashes
Color Impact Lashes
Self-Adhesive Lashes
Elegant Faux Lashes
InvisiBands and LashLites
Wild Lashes
Runway Lashes
Accent Lashes
Duralash Naturals Eyelashes  Duralash Flare Eyelashes
Duralash Regular Eyelashes

Lash Adhesives

Lash & Brow Accessories

Multipack & Twin Packs
Complete Brow Tools

Andrea Lashes, Andrea Modlash
Elise false eyelashes
Elise Faux Eyelashes
Elise Feather & Fabric Lashes
Elise Individual Lashes

Everlash False Eyelash Extension Products
Everlash Adhesives & Remover
Everlash Spread Flare Lashes
Everlash FlexiBands Lashes
Eyebrow & Eyeshadow Make-up
Professional Lash Extensions Kit
Medical Adhesive and Remover
Lash Application Supplies
Professional Lash Extensions Kit
Revlon Fantasy Lengths
Revlon Individual Lashes

Revlon Beyong Natural lashes
Japonesque Falsies & Curlers

Red Cherry Natural Lashes

Red Cherry Glitter/Stone Lashes
Red Cherry Spider Lashes
Red Cherry Shimmer Lashes

DUO Surgical & Eyelash Adhesive
DUO Professional Lashes
Fright Night (Halloween) Displays
Fright Night Lashes + Accessories

Halloween False Eyelashes

Halloween is just around the corner. Fright Night has a complete collection of accessories to add that finishing touch to just about any Halloween costume. Find Streaks 'N Tips spray temporary hair dye spray and false eyelashes to please every Witch and Goblin.

Find fanciful lashes and temp hair dyes to compliment those false eyelashes.  Find fanciful lashes and temp hair dyes to compliment those false eyelashes.


Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

Introducing EYLURE FALSE EYELASHES and KATY PERRY FALSE EYELASHES by Eylure. Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade.

Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame MadelineEylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles from natural to double lash, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone.


- Buy 2 pairs and save $1.00 each pair
- Buy 4 pairs and save $1.50 each pair
- Buy 8 pairs and save $2.00 each pair


The latest way to travel with lashes! Bullseye's 'just a girl...' collection of refillable compacts and 18 lash refill styles are inspired by the beauty and glamour of the most sensational Pop and Rock female icons of our time.

Eylure line of false eyelashes now available at Madame Madeline

These high quality, hand-woven lashes are made with 100% sterile human hair. Simple and easy-to-use, each compact contains one pair of strip lashes, with a mirror tucked below the lash tray. Use the compact and tray to sanitarily store lashes after each use. Once the lashes are ready to toss, replace by popping in a new tray of lashes from the 'just a girl...' lash refill collection. * NEW *

Introducing RED CHERRY FALSE EYELASHES. Red Cherry Lashes are handmade with 100% human hair and made to exact specifications for a striking finish. At the office or out and about, our natural Red Cherry Lashes are great for every occasions.

Recent New product additions:

Ardell Adore Lashes
rdell Black Tie Lash Collection
Ardell Ombre Lashes
Ardell Corset Lashes
Ardell Chocolate Lashes
Ardell Adore Lashes
Kiss EVER EZ Lashes
Kiss i-ENVY Premium Lashes
FRIGHT NIGHT false eyelashes

FRIGHT NIGHT temp hair dyes & tattoo
Ardell Color Impact Lashes
Eylure Hed Kandi Lashes
Katy Perry Color Pop Eyelashes

Bullseye 'just a girl...' Refillable Compact False Eyelash Collection
Eylure Naturalites and Party Lashes
Eylure KATY PERRY Lashes
Ardell Double Up Lashes

Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes
Ardell Fabulous Lashes
Andrea Redi-Lash Lashes
Red Cherry Eyelashes
Ardell and Andrea Accents (Half)
REVLON Fantasy Length and Beyond Natural Lashes
DUO Professional Eyelashes + New DUO Adhesives
Ardell Professional Eyebrow Tools
Japonesque False Eyelashes
Everlash Eyebrow & Eyeshadow Make-ups
FRIGHT NIGHT lashes & temp hair dyes

Checkout video tutorial How to Apply False Eyelashes by Video Episode 1. How to Apply False Eyelashes.  Shot and Edited by PGStudioLA.

The staff here at Madame Madeline would like to thank you for all your votes and feedback. Madame Madeline was awarded the BizRate 2009 AND 2010 Circle of Excellence Award for top customer satisfaction because of great customers like you. We are committed to serving you even better in 2011 and 2012.

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Natural looking curved lashes with added length and volume
Ardell Fashion Lashes #105

10% OFF
Red Cherry (Natural) #107 are extremely long and moderately full black false eyelashes.
Red Cherry Lashes #01

10% OFF
ardell natural lashes 103 full volume lashes with moderate length and volume
Ardell Natural #103 lashes

10% OFF

Premium Subtle looking short style that resembles your natural lashes.
Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ DEBBIE Lashes

10% OFF

Eylure Naturalites Intense Lashes #145 provide full length and full volume to your natural lashes, giving your eyes that "WOW" factor!
Eylure Naturalites Intense Lashes #145

10% OFF

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes KA-CHING! by Eylure contains a layered strip lash in black with flashes of Peacock Green. A POP of Colour for your lashes
Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes KA-CHING!

10% OFF

Double Up Lashes 201 by Ardell have twice the amount lashes for a more dramatic look. Double layer style gives you a fuller, thicker look.
Ardell Double Up Lash 201

10% OFF
The perfect travel companion for every lash wearer, Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ refillable compact arrives complete with 1 pair of JOAN lashes and interior mirror.
Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ JOAN Lash Compact

10% OFF
Gypsy Strip Lash 95 Black (Olivia Lash) enhances your natural lash line with great length and more than moderate volume. Gypsy Strip Lash 95 Black

10% OFF
Top seller! Perfect for daily use. Natural style, with just the right amount of length and volume.
Andrea Modlash #21 Lashes

10% OFF
Revlon Beyond Natural DEFINING (91148) lashes effortlessly enhance your look! Get gorgeous, natural-looking lashes in an easy-to-apply strip lash.
Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Lashes (91148)

10% OFF
Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Medium are perfect for lash wearers who want to customizes their eyes with thicker lash volume
Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Medium

10% OFF

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